About Me

When I was a child my dream job was to draw monsters like the famous illustrator Frank Frazetta, but through the journey called life there is always change. While I was at art school I asked a friend who shared the same passion for monster illustration, if you could do anything what would you like to do for the rest of your life. He responded “I would like to be locked in a room with an endless supply of food, water, and art supplies and just draw and paint forever.” I was aghast seeing what true passion and drive looked like. Could I live like a hermit locked away in a room and sacrifice everything for my art? Did I lack the passion and drive to compete with my friend? No I didn’t lack drive or passion, just my interest, my passion, and my skillset changed, so I needed to adapt.

From this realization I began to write down lists of my interests. I enjoyed technology, design, strategy, problem solving, and brainstorming. Scanning different careers that would utilize all my interests I landed on UI/UX. Today at Dolby, I get to work and brainstorm with brilliant audio and visual minds to create innovative technology. I get to solve complex work flow problems for post production audio solutions. I get to push design boundaries for audio content creation. Currently, I get to meet all my interests as a UI/UX designer. Would I have made a good monster illustrator? Who knows, but I sure do make a great UI/UX designer.

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